How to Insulate the Electrical Outlets in Your Home

21 Oct

Outside air that comes into your home is the first cause of counteracting the effectiveness of your home's heating and cooling. Electrical outlets and exterior wall switches can serve as an entry for outside air. Insulating heat leaks is simple and cheap to do. Buy reasonably priced foam outlet covers from any home store or hardware. These are die cut, foam insulators which you put between the plate and the wire found inside your wall. This foam shields so that it cuts off air seepage entering your home from switches and outlets. You will also want to put small pieces of insulation between your wall and box; if there is a gap so that it will stop from leaking through these holes. You can buy leviton sealers in the same departmental stores as the shields.

You may insulate your outlets and switches effortlessly in one day. If you think that you need to insulate double-switch boxes or more. Buy the right foam insulators for every outlet. Buy the insulating outlet seats rather than the outdoor insulation seals whose prices triple what the indoor switch sealers cost. Ensure that you turn off the power to anything before you work with the outlets and switch boxes.

When you are poking inside the outlets and switches, check to see if all the wires are safe, complete and are not worn out. If there appears to be a thousand wires in there and you are not sure if they are secure or not, it is best to call in a professional to make sure that everything is okay. This is the best way to go instead of having a fire hazard waiting to happen or a low power supply to crucial switches and outlets. Check out the company to make sure that the electricians are employees of the company instead of the company working with sub-contractors. The company's workers are more likely to treat you well and provide professional services. They will have more time for your questions and concerns and will be available for any future issues which might come up. Customer service is crucial to electricians who value their work.

You may want to call in an electrical contractor to do an electrical audit of your home to ensure that your energy efficiency is okay. It is easier to lower energy costs when you are paying attention to areas in your house that may be wasting energy without you knowing it. It is an excellent way to keep your home green.

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